What we do

Mauri Tui Tuia is led by registered creative therapists, and offers professional development workshops throughout Aotearoa and online to educators, allied health professionals and those working in the trauma arena. These tools are applicable across diverse populations and age groups. We adapt the workshops to the specific needs of each team.

Informed by bicultural frameworks, these tool-based workshops cover:​

+ sensory regulation and integration tools+ practical strategies to support co-regulation, self-regulation and attunement

+ underpinned by Te Whare Tapa Whā – holistic support for full staff development

+ integration of learning and social capacity through music and dance-movement.

+ body awareness and promoting self efficacy through movement and music using our bodies and voices as adults with more confidence

Our Kaupapa



We believe spiritual connection and wellbeing matters, and we practice from our own places of being grounded in faith and wairua.



We aim to practice in sustainability in our own lives. We see that sustainability requires mindful noticing, and that small movements and changes matter.



We aim to make this sharing of knowledge accessible and equitable, and to work as partners to the Treaty of Waitangi.



We seek simplicity of practice, while understanding the depth and complexity of everything we sing, move, say and do.

i.      We prioritise the importance of whakawhanaungatanga, and the value of reciprocity within this practice. The relationships we have with our local communities is at the centre of our mahi and we believe sustainable change comes from ground-up collaboration.
ii.     Tuakana-teina supports the sharing of knowledge and leadership between the facilitators and the participants. It holds the kaupapa of acknowledging the existing practice and experience of the kaiako, the importance of contributing and skill-sharing as a team, and a practice to build safety within the workshops to be vulnerable to try new things.
iii.    Te Whare Tapa Whā is the lens by which we introduce both the wellbeing of the tamariki and the application of self-care practice for the kaiako. This supports their understanding of co-regulation for calm connection with their tamariki, enabling ways to regulate their own nervous systems throughout their working day.

Our Directors

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